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The 5 Best Leather Backpacks of 2020

5 Most Unique Womens Leather Backpacks in 2020

The fashion backpack is one of the year’s best accessories - aesthetically and practically. Millions of fashion lovers are making the switch from bag to backpack to carry their everyday essentials and it’s not hard to see why. Backpacks are comfortable, convenient, and more stylish than ever. Choose a small leather backpack for equal parts sophistication, style, and durability. We’re sharing our favourite trendy backpacks of the season below!

  1. San Francisco (available in black, gray, pink, red, beige and brown).

    This mini leather backpack is a stylish, cute take on the classic, rounded backpack shape. But this version is definitely sleeker than your elementary school backpack with its pebbled leather texture and gold hardware. Its straps are detachable, so you have the option of wearing it as a handbag too.
  2. Pyramid (available in black, amber brown and dark orange).

    This eye-catching chic geometric backpack is made for trendsetters who like to stay ahead of the curve. It pays homage to the magnificent Egyptian structures with a triangular shape and stitching. Plus, you can turn it into an equally cool evening bag, crossbody or shoulder bag by adjusting and removing the straps.
  3. Ashley small monochrome (available in white, yellow, black, beige, and gray).

    It’s small but it makes a statement. This is another leather convertible backpack that can easily be turned into a crossbody bag if needed. It has a modern, minimalist design that features a square body and prominent zipper for all the hardware lovers out there.
  4. Ashley small multicolor (available in 4 colorways).

    Why settle for one color when you can have two, or even three? Choose the color-blocked version of the Ashley to satisfy all your modern art and fashion cravings.
  5. Ashley (available in red, gray, and black).

    Mini backpacks are undeniably cute, but you may need more storage space. If that’s the case, the full-sized Ashley is the backpack for you. You won’t have any problems storing everything you need in style, making it the perfect backpack for work or a day trip.

If you haven’t added a backpack to your collection yet, what are you waiting for?