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Here Are Some of The Actresses Carrying Our Leather Bags

Actress Olivia Rodrigo Wears The Hollywood Yellow Studded Bag 

Wife of Jared Harris, Wore Our Angelica Clutch at The 2020 Golden Globes

Actress Mercedes Mason Wears The Angelica Royal Blue Clutch Bag

Singer Alexia Bosch Wears The Angelica Pink Clutch Bag

Actress Lilimar Hernandez Carries The Hollywood Green Studded Bag  
Actress Veronica Merrell Wears The Angelica Black Clutch Bag
Actress Sara Dastjani Wears The Octagon Orange Bucket Bag

Actress Julia Lester Wears The  Kiss Black Circle Bag

Musician Esther Anaya Wears The Mary Vanilla Custard Wristlet

Musician Ally Brooke Hernandez Wears The Hollywood Black Studded Bag