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All Eyes on the Angelica Luxury Clutch Bag

The Angelica Crossbody Clutch Purse! 

At SUSU Handbags, we have a large selection of luxury leather handbags so that everybody can find the perfect bag for their lifestyle. One of our best sellers that can easily be incorporated into your every day and going-out style is the Angelica. The Angelica is a unique yet trendy structured purse with a detachable chain, allowing you to wear it as either a crossbody bag or an envelope clutch. Made with crosshatched leather and stunning hardware, this designer handbag is sure to make you turn heads wherever you go.

So many colors to choose from! 

The Angelica comes in a variety of colors. From the classics like black, white and nude to stand out shades like rose gold and highlighter yellow, the perfect color for your wardrobe is already awaiting you in our shop. 

More Unique Angelica Styles! 

If you’re looking for a patterned leather, we have two animal print options; snakeskin and leopard. And even if leather isn’t your thing, we have a special Angelica style just for you; our stunning two-tone denim

How to Wear the Angelica! 

The Angelica is the perfect day-to-night designer handbag. Although the Angelica is a luxury designer purse, its crossbody function allows you to wear it over your shoulder on a casual day and feel secure knowing all your belongings are safe. When it’s time for a night out, simply remove the detachable chain strap and show off this beautiful leather clutch by carrying it in hand! 

Special Features on the Angelica! 

As we mentioned, the crossbody function helps you to feel secure when you wear your Angelica with the chain attached, but the security features don’t end there! This one-of-a-kind clutch purse has both a zipped pocket and a zip closure at the top. On top of security, the Angelica looks and feels luxurious. The high-end crosshatched leather and fabric-lined interior keep the entirety of this trendy handbag looking its best. 

Which Angelica will you wear?