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Susu Safety: Keeping Your Essentials Safe in your Favorite Handbag

4 leather bags that keep your belonging safe

There’s nothing worse than heading out for the day and feeling as though you have to keep a watchful eye around you for pickpockets and other experts that can easily take your possessions without you noticing.  How are you supposed to enjoy high fashion in your accessories with that worry preoccupying you?  Well, luckily, we’ve got the right design that is going to offer you the security that you’re looking for and still keep you focused on brand new 2019 styles.

Elizabeth Saddle Bag

Within this secure leather saddle bag, you have three large compartments available that will offer you lots of storage that is all going to be covered by a secure front flap.  With the use of magnets and a secure latch, this will cover and protect all of your contents while still keeping the overall design sleek and high fashion. 

Tower Bucket Bag

There’s just something about a leather bucket bag is stunning.  This sone is certainly no exception.  Using secure magnetic closure and an accordion style opening, you can use the two slots in this bag to hold all of your belongings and know that they are all safely tucked inside with the double flapped hard top.  Great for everyday style with a touch of added security, this is the best way to enjoy a bucket bag look and feel.

Melissa Satchel Purse

For security purposes, you can never go wrong with a classic leather satchel purse.  It’s got double zips that will come together anywhere on the bag.  This is great for when you want to make sure that no one has access to the contents within.  With the tapered shell style, this is both a cross body and a classic handbag design.  It’s distinctive and thoroughly modern to boot.

Jody Shoulder Bag

Just because you want to keep your belongings secure doesn’t mean that you can’t go with a classic black shoulder bag.  This shoulder bag is going to five you plenty of space for all of your belongings and secure tightly with a zip that is tucked under your arm for maximum security.  With a splash of contrasting in the accordion style sides that will also offer you more storage, this is going to be focused on giving you the secure storage that you want while also making sure that you are enjoying the newest styles and trends at the same time.

Each of these examples of 2020 style will show you that you can truly enjoy a trustworthy bag without compromises, even when it comes to the chic high end design in leather.  Heading out the door in the morning will now be stress-free and totally focused on enjoying the world around you. No more glancing for pickpockets with these secure handbags.  Best of all, you’ve still got all of your style needs and expectations taken care-of at the same time.  Storage-rich and focused on security and safety, these handbags are ready to do it all for you.