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Stand Out with a Statement Handbag

Defining your personal style can be difficult. While we all want to be unique, many of us have to dress ourselves in a way that fits into a dress code for work or dull down the fashion sense we identified with as teenagers. At SUSU, we believe setting your daily look apart begins with your handbag! 

Once we begin living more active, adult lives, we often curate a wardrobe full of basics that we can throw together on busy mornings. But this doesn’t mean that your purse needs to be basic! In fact, a little edge will complement a toned-down closet. Amidst outfit changes, last minute plans and long days in the office, your bag is the one thing that stays the same! We take our handbags everywhere with us - so why not wear a bag that makes a statement? 

Maybe you need a pop of color in a fun clutch to spice up your black and white wardrobe, or a studded bag to contrast all your favorite knit sweaters with some texture and flair. Perhaps you’re always on the go and need a unique, convertible leather backpack for all your essentials. Whatever your closet is lacking, SUSU can make up for it! For styling tips and tricks, be sure to follow us on Instagram @susuhandbags!