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Most Unique Bags For NYFW

7 Most Unique Purses For NYFW

New York Fashion Week is just around the corner, which means if you’re in the city you’ll have to seriously step up your street style game. NY Fashion Week is the time of the year to proudly display all of your most unique and eye-catching pieces. Designer handbags are always the perfect finishing touch to a fashion week outfit, so make sure you have yours in tow!

Hollywood Studded Crossbody

A good outfit is all about the details. The Hollywood’s one of a kind studding will add the right amount of interest to any outfit. You can choose to pair it with an edgy, rock-inspired outfit to continue with the theme of the bag or contrast it with a more feminine look.

Tower Leather Bucket Bag

This bucket bag has an on-trend geometric design that will definitely catch the attention of street style photographers. You can wear it as a crossbody or carry it by its top handle. Its clean but interesting design works well to make minimalist outfits stand out, but feel free to experiment.

Kiss Circle Crossbody Bag

This is the bag for those who believe fashion is all about self-expression and having fun. The Kiss has a quirky and flirty shape reminiscent of puckered up lips. It’s perfect for wearing with quirky, eccentric, and/or maximalist outfits. Or use it to add an extra feminine touch to more prim and proper looks.

Angelica Clutch

The Angelica is the ultimate cool-girl bag with its sharp, angular design details and delicate chain strap. Try it in a bold color like orange or electric yellow to really stand out, or in an unexpected material like denim. Its modern design makes it easy to match with a wide variety of styles.

San Francisco Leather Backpack

Switch things up by choosing a backpack instead of a handbag. Although they’re becoming more and more popular, backpacks still aren’t super common at events like fashion weeks. The San Francisco will give you the polished look you’re going for with its pebbled leather and clean shape. Choose the metallic or pink color ways for added boldness.

Octagon Leather Bucket Bag

Our love for structured and geometric bags continues with the Octagon bucket bag. Like the name suggests, it comes in an on-trend octagonal shape that will really make heads turn. You can carry it by the top handle or wear it as a crossbody, either way it’ll show the fashion week goers that you have a strong sense of style.

Pyramid Leather Backpack

Last but certainly not least, the Pyramid combines two of our favorite trends: small leather backpacks and geometric shapes. This convertible backpack will certainly get you on the best dressed list with its quilted, triangular design. You can wear it as a backpack, crossbody, or top handle bag. Whichever way you choose is a fashion week winner.

Happy fashion week season!