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Make it Mini: Functional yet Simple Handbags

Minimalism has become a huge trend in nearly every discipline; lifestyle, fashion, interior design, beauty and more. In terms of fashion, it takes shape in a very literal interpretation, making smaller, simpler apparel and accessories more popular every day. A great way to incorporate this into your daily look and lifestyle is by carrying a handbag that is classy and simple, yet functional. We have compiled a list of some of our favorite luxury leather handbags that are convertible, compact and user friendly to simplify your busy life!

What’s more practical than a backpack? We have multiple options for stylish fashion backpacks, including the San Francisco and the Ashley. The San Francisco is a comfy mini backpack complete with 4 pockets for storage so that all your essentials remain secure throughout your hectic days. It features a modern take on the traditional backpack shape and comes in a variety of trendy colors. The Ashley, alternatively, takes the shape of a structured pouch but with a soft pebble leather for a light touch and comes in a ton of colors and two sizes, so you can choose between standard and small based on your needs! With large compartments and a designated cell phone slot, the Ashley is a great choice for someone who is constantly throwing things into their bag before heading out the door.

Crossbodies are another compendious and cute option to bring some minimalist balance into your life! The Kiss is classy but has some flair with its unique shape. It’s wonderfully transitional as it can go with you from brunch all the way into the night, streamlining your look so that you don’t have to switch handbags halfway throughout the day. The Elizabeth is another minimalist crossbody that absolutely adore. With a refined geometric shape, classy gold hardware and a roomy interior, this cute leather saddlebag will become your best friend during your busy weeks!

Minimalism is a trend that’s here to stay as we move towards more simplified ways, so as you streamline your life, why not get a handbag that can help?