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Leather Bucket Bags: An Everlasting Trend

One of the most timeless handbag trends remains to be the bucket bag. Bucket bags first appeared nearly 100 years ago in the early 1930’s and made a substantial mark on current fashion when they came back a few years ago. Going into 2020, these bags are not going anywhere! In fact, the rise of streetwear and accessory functionality will push bucket purses to be even more popular as time goes on.

With this handbag style being so trendy, it’s important to find a long-lasting and original bucket bag to set you apart from everyone else. At SUSU Handbags, we offer two distinct and chic variations of leather bucket bags. The Octagon is modern yet playful with its one of a kind geometric structure and comes in classic black or a lovely burnt orange. With three compartments to keep you organized, the Octagon is great for a girl on the go! The Tower, a smoke gray stunner with an accordion interior for extra storage, is another unique option. With its vase-like shape, the Tower sits comfortably on your side when you wear it as a crossbody, and stands tall when you carry it as a purse. 

It’s no wonder these bags have been a staple in fashion for almost a century! No matter what life throws at you, a bold bucket bag is sure to keep you feeling organized and stylish.