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Add a Pop of Color with your Handbag

Transitioning into Fall and Winter fashion is always exciting after months of dressing to beat the heat! But as the cool weather sets in, it can become difficult to make outfits exciting in the midst of layering and dressing practically. Here at SUSU Handbags, we have a styling tip to keep you from feeling like the cold is filling you down. 

The key to great fall fashion and winter wardrobes is styling layers of complementary textures and coordinated colors, with a pop of a stand out color to set you apart! 

One way to do this is by placing strong colors against an “all black everything” outfit. The classic trio of a black top, black pants and a black coat has been done a million times, but a pop of color that can be created by pairing a bold handbag with a matching belt or shoes will take your outfit to the next level. Colors like red, yellow, pink and royal blue are always solid choices for creating this look. Leather clutches and fashion backpacks like our San Francisco mini backpack, Hollywood studded bag and Angelica leather clutch styles are a great way to bring this concept to life.

If your style is more toned down, you can create a similar effect with natural colors. A more understated look can be achieved by pairing a nice olive green, brown or mustard yellow bag with neutral tones. This is perfect for someone who wears a lot of beige, tan and white centric outfits. By skipping the bright colors, a mature and fashionable mood is conveyed. You can recreate this idea with leather handbags like our Kiss circle crossbody bag, Octagon bucket bagAshley leather backpack and Linda convertible backpack. 

No matter what the holidays bring you, you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort in the cold! Keep the layered outfits coming, but dress them up by incorporating stylish pops of color!