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How To Choose A Perfect Leather Handbag?

We don’t buy handbags every day.

So, it can be a tricky job to buy a perfect handbag for your needs. If you have ever felt frustrated after buying a poor quality leather handbag, you know how careful you need to be next time you buy one. There are so many important things to consider when buying the best leather handbag for your need. This article briefly describes what to consider and how to choose a perfect leather handbag.


A perfect leather handbag needs to serve its function more than anything else. It has to be a handy storage solution in addition to being a fashion element. A traditional travel bag should have enough compartments for all your essentials for a weekend trip. On the other hand, a satchel should be ideal for transporting books and laptops. Our stylish satchels can easily carry a standard size laptop or books. Susu bags have a wide range of leather bags with great functionality for all purposes.


If you are someone who likes to travel light, our mini soft leather backpack can be a good option. Our shoulder bags and crossbodies are spacious enough to carry your essentials. In fact, you can choose from a wide range of Susu leather bags based on your size requirements.

Style, Color, And Finish

Finding a leather bag with the right functionality and size can be difficult. But you need to like the design, style, color, and finishing of the bag. Rugged sophistication and timeless elegance are things that make big differences. The finishing is very crucial as it makes your bag stand out among others. If you closely look at Susu handbags on this site, you should like the finishing of our bags.

Longevity And Affordability

The quality of the leather used for a bag should be one of the major considerations for a customer. It should have the necessary strength to hold the essentials without any change in shape. In addition to that, a bag must be affordable to its target customers.

Why is Leather Used for Bags and Luggage?

Leather is used for producing bags and luggage for many reasons. Here are some of the major reasons:


The durability and quality of leather makes it a perfect material to use for producing leather bags. Real leather is a tough, durable material that provides perfect protection to our items. From a customer point of view, it is extremely practical to use and last a long time.

Resilience and Strength

Due to its resilience and strength, leather has been in use for various things, bags being one of the most common. A quality leather bag will hold all your belongings and keep it safe.


As leather is a versatile material, leather bags come in various sizes, colors and shapes to fit different requirements from shopping to traveling. Our vintage style leather handbags are quite versatile in nature and you can choose from our wide range of collections.  

Craftsmanship, Style, And Elegance

Using leather as a material for bags and luggage enables us to show unique craftsmanship. Leather is a stylish and timeless material which will never go out of fashion.

In fact, a stylish leather bag can define your personality. If you are looking to look gorgeous, consider buying one of our cute affordable handbags.

Important Note

While leather is one of the best materials for bags and luggage, it is highly recommended you keep it clean to maintain the color and shape over a long period of time and it is quite easy to do so. All you need to do is gently wipe down the leather bag with a damp, clean cloth to remove dust and dirt that builds up.