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10 Bag Trends To Follow This Season

10 leather purses to look stylish and elegant!

If you are already having all the trendy dresses and accessories except handbags, here are some cute handbag trends you can follow this summer:

1. Clear Plastic Bags

Especially if you want to show your items inside a bag, you can go clear plastic bags. These days, you should find many people using see-through plastic bags showing colorful shiny objects inside.

2. Big Plastic Bags

If you wish to look ultra casual on a beach or poolside, big plastic see-through plastic bags are quite trendy for the summer.

3. Unique New Bag Shapes

To look uniquely stylish, you can go for many uniquely shaped bags with many bag companies manufacturing unique new stylish clutches in geometric shapes. It can make you look genuinely sleek as well as stylish.

4. Belt Bags

Belt bags are nothing new in the bag market but it is gaining more and more popularity these days. If you want to keep your belongings like phone, cars, and keys super protected, belt bags are great options.

5. Crossbody Bags

Crossbody bags are staying one of the major bag trends this summer as you can see many models carrying small crossbody bags in various colors and patterns.

6. Matching Purse To Outfit

Many people love to match everything they carry and wear. If you like this idea, make sure you are careful of the basic color you want to concentrate on to have a gorgeous look this season.

7. More Than One Bag

There are many interesting, new ways of carrying multiple bags at a time. The bags have to be different in sizes to look fitting.

8. Vintage Purses

The vintage purse trend is never going to get outdated as new modern, updated ways of carrying vintage bags are popular this summer. Vintage style leather handbags are always a good investment. Vintage purses are a staple in your closet.

9. Oversized Purses

Many fashion conscious people take the limelight by carrying oversized, crafty and colorful bags during summer time.

10. Trunk Bags

Trunk-like shaped bags are hot in summer 2019 as it represents nostalgia. A solid and large rectangular bag with suitcase-like clasps is quite popular to many people.